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P2P, P-2-P, P2p and P-to-P may refer to:

Distribution and logistics

  • Peer-to-peer (disambiguation)
    • Peer-to-peer, a computing or networking distributed application architecture that partitions tasks or workloads among peers
    • Social peer-to-peer processes, not restricted to technology, but covers every social process with a peer-to-peer dynamic, whether these peers are humans or computers
  • Point-to-point (disambiguation) or port-to-port

Art, entertainment, and media

  • Practisin2Play, an online guitar lessons website by Mike Walker (jazz guitarist)
  • Pulled-to-publish, a term used in fan fiction circles to indicate that a work got picked up by a publisher (e.g., Fifty Shades of Grey)

Events and organizations

  • People to People Student Ambassador Program, a cultural and educational travel program for students
  • Pier to Pub, the largest open water swimming race in the world, held annually in Lorne, Australia

Other uses

  • Pay to play in gaming, politics, and music
  • Permission to pollute, the subject of emissions trading
  • Person-to-person (disambiguation)
  • Phenyl-2-propanone, a chemical substance used in organic chemistry; see Phenylacetone
  • Procure-to-pay, a business process in procurement
  • Purchase-to-pay, relating to the business process of purchasing
  • Bitcoin, a digital currency

Source: P2P - Wikipedia